Black River Devils

"If you get yourself on back from Hell you gotta bring the biggest bottle on the shelf..."

Band Biography

Black River Devils were a three piece energy-blues-based Alt-rock band.


Having fused together sonically and then been blown apart at different points in different bands over time, Gaar (guitars and vocals), Stephen McKean (bass and vocals) and Stephen Darroch (drums) have found that the flow has always inexorably pulled them back together.

The Black River is a theme consistent with flow and energy. As an (unholy?) trinity their music has evolved, creating shapes, twists and turns - as the river flows. Everything you can hear is stripped-back... it may have blemishes – but life has blemishes.

A small flavour of things they listen to – Mclusky, Queens Of The Stone Age, Primal Scream, ZZ Top, Pixies, Soundgarden, The Gun Club… would be a good bunch to randomly throw out.
In the past they have have played alongside the likes of: The Gin Goblins (John Duncan – ex Exploited/Nirvana), Anti-Product (Alex Kane/Ginger Wildheart), Tredegar (ex-Budgie), Spear of Destiny, Fish, Christian Death, Rubicon (ex-Fields of the Nephilim), Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy/Motorhead) to name a few.


They have recently recorded three tracks at Headhunter Studios in Glasgow which along with three tracks from a previous session there form their debut 6-track EP. (Just titled "Black River Devils") This is currently available for download from Bandcamp. 

In the current age of Covid-19, Gaar has gone to live in the Himalayas.

Stephen M and Stephen D are now playing alongside vocalist Laura McFettridge and guitarist Peter Macfarlane in new band The Violet Signs. They have recently recorded their excellent first single "You'll Be There". 


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